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Geraldine's musings

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I first started my journal to help me get through post-operative breast cancer therapy and chemotherapy, and so that friends and family could keep up with my progress without me having to telephone or e-mail people, since I was just too exhausted to do so, but I've found it fairly addictive so keep doing it from time to time.

I'm almost completely retired now, but even so I don't have enough time to do everything I want to do.

Some things I can't do, because I have arthritis and an atrial fibrillation which slow me down considerably. That's why my icon is a snail. It's a drawing taken from a photograph I took in my Sis's garden a good few years ago. It has turned out to be prophetic since I have recently been diagnosed with heart failure, diastolic dysfunction to be precise, although I'm not really sure just how precise that is. In any case, it's slowed me down even more over the last 18 months which is how long it's taken to get a diagnosis, and I now find walking further than 50 yards or so extremely exhausting, even with a stick and I get very breathless far too easily, in spite of the medication.

I've very recently acquired a new-to-me mobility scooter so am hoping to get out and about again a lot more, although I'm finding it a bit terrifying in spite of having driven for 40 over years. I haven't been able to get to Newcastle city centre properly for ages, so I'm looking forward to being more mobile again. Who knows, I might even go to the cinema!

Maybe sometime soon, now we've cleared the rubbish out of the "spare room", I might take up painting again.

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